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Extensive Executive Search

American Leadership Impact Group in Richmond, Virginia, provides schools with executive search and executive recruitment services. Our past experience includes building executive teams, and we bring that expertise to every recruitment project our clients request.

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Recruiting Executive Positions

We recruit, screen, and identify candidates who will best meet the needs of your district, from the principal all the way up to the superintendent. If you are finding it difficult to identify candidates who fit your requirements locally, we can pinpoint them for you nationwide.

We work with the human resources department and/or school boards to find the best person for each job. We have access to a database of potential candidates, and we utilize marketing blasts in different areas. Our team also prescreens applicants to save you the hassle of going through hundreds of resumes.

We know what key points to look for when screening and how to match a candidate to the specific needs of your district or school. We also offer effective leadership training services.