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Educational Leadership Training

American Leadership Impact Group conducts leadership training for teachers and school administration officials in Richmond, Virginia. Our owner, Dr. A. Katrise Perera, has done this at every level including teachers, superintendents, school administrators, and district leaders. She has a track record of success helping teachers and leaders identify strategies that allow children to perform at much higher levels.

Executive & School Leadership Training

Using our "train the trainer" model, we train the district leadership to train the principals of the district. Training is usually given during the summer months, after your school has received its end-of-the-year results. All training is tied to student performance, and our goal is to change the trajectory for the better the following year. Naturally, this includes students of all grades, ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Once you receive your state reports, you should look at your data sets to decide exactly what you need from us. Included with our training is a minimum of three touch-basis training sessions, unlimited accesses to resources, and even one-on-one sessions if necessary. We work with the leadership teams in different schools and school systems to ensure their leaders are effective and the results are positive. If you are having difficulty finding the right candidates to fill your leadership positions, contact us today for our recruiting services.

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