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Comprehensive Education Consulting

Based in Richmond, Virginia, American Leadership Impact Group provides education consulting focused on teacher training and assessment. Change the trajectory of your student body's performance, and provide your faculty with pedagogical tools they will use year after year. We work with the leadership teams in a number of different schools and school systems.

Large Classroom

Education Consulting & Other Services

Based on the needs of the district, our consultations can range from training for succession to training for using and reading data to attain positive results. You can use this service year-round, as it is personalized for your district and the time of the school year. If your district is not progressing according to your expectations or the state's, we are the team to call for help. Included with our consultation is a school assessment and program audit, complete with a summary report of recommended professional development. 

Our team already has a proven track record. Between our own practical experiences and the various projects we've had with other districts, we have become nationally recognized for our excellence. We've also been recognized on the state and local levels, within the very districts we work with. Our owner, Dr. A. Katrise Perera, was named the National Association of School Superintendents' (NASS) Superintendent of the year for 2015.